8 Slack Communities For Women In Tech That You Need To Join

updated on 11 September 2023

Slack groups are a great way to network online if you're a woman in tech wanting to connect with other women (especially if there aren’t any on your team). 

These groups provide a safe place to ask questions, get advice, and collaborate with other women in tech who understand the challenges you face.  

We hunted down the best slack groups and compiled a list of 8 Slack communities for women in tech that you can join right away. 

There are women in tech slack groups for all sorts of niches and for a variety of purposes. If you have been laid off recently and are looking for a job, or you want to connect with other women in the same industry as you—joining these slack groups may just be the thing you need. See you there!


Leopard’s slack group is a tightly-knit, invite-only group for women engineers to get intel on tech companies’ company cultures, compensation, gender ratios, and much more. Did we mention it's forever free? 

Connect with the Leopard team to get support during your job search, mentorship opportunities, back channeling help, interview prep, and more. Join our slack group by requesting an intro call with our team.

Women Techmakers

Women Techmakers is a Google global initiative to reduce the gender gap in the technology industry, providing women with the resources they need to succeed.

You can join for free, all events are free as well. If you have experience in the industry, you can join as an ambassador and expand the program in your area. 

This community is one of the largest slack groups for women in Tech, with over 70,000 (!) members, located in 193 countries, and has hundreds of channels based on location and interests.  

Women of Color in Tech

By and for women of color working in tech, this Slack group offers a space where members can talk about the unique challenges they face, offer support and build lasting friendships.

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Do you identify as a woman of color and work in tech? Fill up their membership request form and join the conversation on their slack group!

Tech Sisters

The Tech Sisters community looks to challenge the perception of Muslim women in tech by highlighting their accomplishments and inspiring each other through mentorship and collaboration. 

Their slack group is a safe space for Muslim women in tech to share experiences, get support, and help each other grow both professionally and personally. 

Request an invitation by filling up their membership form here

Women in Product 

Founded by the former head of growth at Slack, Merci Victoria Grace, this Slack group is for women in product management to discuss opportunities and talk about the particular challenges of being a woman in their industry. 

Join channels like #mentoring or #founders, host your own event or volunteer as a community manager. Click here to request an invitation.

Hexagon UX 

Hexagon is a non-profit for all women and non-binary professionals working in UX. The Hexagon UX slack group is free to join with channels all around the world offering events, mentorship opportunities, and peer support. 

Their dedicated Slack group encourages members to participate in conversations, portfolio reviews, and share learnings. Request an invitation here.


Connect with 99,000 other R programmers from all around the world, all with the same goal of networking and communicating in a safe environment. Inside, people ask questions, express their experiences and insights, and share their wins and challenges. 

You can also find resources and many job postings inside their online slack group. You can access their slack group here.


Web3Ladies is the #1 sought-after Web3 community in Africa empowering a generation of female industry leaders who will build, nurture, and develop a sustainable Web3 space.

Interested in building a career in blockchain and web3? This Slack was made for you. Join for free and connect with diverse women from all over the world with a range of skill sets and backgrounds.

 For those seeking extra perks, you can also register in mentorship cohorts for Web2 and Web3 development, crypto trading, decentralized finance, and product management.

These are just a few of the largest and most active slack groups for women in Tech. No matter what your specific interests or needs are, there's sure to be a group here that can help you. 

So what are you waiting for? Join one (or more!) of these groups today and start making valuable connections with other women in Tech!

While you’re here…

Don’t forget to check us out! Leopard is on a mission to help women engineers make informed decisions on where to interview and work. Women engineers no longer need to waste time and energy interviewing with companies that do not align with their values.

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