Leopard.FYI Resume Guidelines

updated on 07 September 2023


  1.  Header
  2. Professional Experience
  3.  Skills
  4. Education

📝 Basics: 

  •  Do NOT use highly designed resume templates, they can mess up the resume upload process. Here are some templates for plaintext resumes.
  • Use an 11-12 pt font for regular text and 14-16 pt for section titles. 
  • Avoid repetition of verbs/phrases
  • It must be 1 page!!!
  • Export as PDF with a clean title that includes your name, the resume, and the year.


  • Name: It is recommended that the name be set in a font size of 20 points. This standard font size is easy to read and will ensure that the name is visible and legible.
  • The contact line should include clickable LinkedIn, GitHub, and email links. The font size should be 11 points.
  • Include a super brief overview that includes some combo of your title/ type of role, years of experience, tech stack/area of focus & location (whatever fits the setup best). 
               -Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack | Typescript) based in Ontario, Canada
               -Zoe Lewtan | Senior Frontend Engineer with 7 years of experience

🏆Professional Experience

1. Section Header:

  • Examples of context for company:
    -“Series C influencer payments platform”
    -“Travel media website with 7M subscribers on Youtube”

2. Bullet Points:

  •  Each bullet point should start with an action verb and be quantifiable wherever possible
  • Aim for 6 bullet points for the current role. Older jobs should have fewer, around 1-2.
  • Start with 1 bullet that describes your high-level contribution to the business. Scale gets extra credit here (ie, the platform used by thousands of Fortune 500 companies/millions of users). This helps companies get an idea of what they worked on, which explains the rest. 
           Bullet Formula:
              Accomplished X as measured by Y by Doing Z
              action verb + accomplishment + outcome

Bullet Points Structural Templates:

  • 🏔By Features/ Parts of the Product 
              - API & Integrations: Technical Project Lead for a medium-sized project for the API team (of 10) to expand functionality on the API to improve scheduling workflows for partners. Integration used by 1000+ customers, 500k interviews scheduled in the past quarter.
              - Identity Management: Implemented single-sign for Google, Apple, and Facebook social platforms across web and iOS clients utilizing federated identities in Cognito.

  • ⚒️By Type of Engineering Work
              - Frontend Development in React: Creating reusable React components. Using styled components for styling. Creating a State management system based on Redux slices and supporting consistent user experience across the app.
              - Refactoring Frontend to React: from Ruby on Rails to React + TypeScript.

  • 💥By Role &/Or Impact
    Drove changes to web infrastructure and deployment process for testing standards, increasing test stability and reducing runtime while increasing the frequency of testing. ( 6x tests, 10x runs a week, 10%-> 90+% reliability)
              -  Created regression test suite for proxy API to ensure performance with legacy API

  • When possible, mention the reason you received a promotion or an increase in responsibilities
         - Promoted to SWE after successful design and automation of new partner integration onboarding and building program

  • For older roles, you can use even more of the context method rather than detailing your contributions.
        - Led project for a high-performance game engine built on WebGL, a fully integrated automated test suite, advanced asset build, and optimization tools.
         - Framework-powered multiple online games with revenue between $2-4 million.


  • Type of Skills
          - Technical Skills or Hard Skills:
    Job-related skills are those that are necessary or enhance your ability to perform a job. These skills encompass your knowledge and proficiency in technology, programming and coding, software development, and product understanding, among others. 
          - Non-Technical Skills or Soft Skills: Soft skills refer to intangible qualities, including interpersonal and behavioral skills, that can enhance job performance. Some examples of soft skills include leadership abilities, effective communication, creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking. If you aspire to a senior software engineering role, like an engineering manager, it's important to possess these soft skills to secure a high-level position.
  • Formats
    Great Formats:

Weak Formats:



Ways to list employment gap in your resume

  • More than 5 years ago = Don’t mention it
  • Under a year = Don’t mention it
  • Maternity Leave = Parental Leave
  • School = Educational Leave
  • Just couldn’t find a job = Personal Sabbatical
  • Laid Off = Post-Layoff Job Search
  • Family Issues = Family Care Leave
  • Health Issues = Family Care Leave
  • Travel = Travel Leave
  • You moved = Relocation Leave

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