Leopard.FYI Resume Guidelines

updated on 11 May 2023

๐Ÿ“ Basics: 

  • Do NOT use highly designed resume templates, they can mess up the resume upload process. Here are some templates for plaintext resumes.
  • Use a 11-12 pt font for regular text, and 14-16 pt for section titles. Must be 1 page!!!
  • Export as PDF with a clean title that includes your name, the resume and the year.
  • Each bullet point should start with an action verb and be quantifiable wherever possible
  • Aim for 6 bullet points for current role. Older jobs should have fewer, around 1-2. 


Your header should be formatted like this:

  • Make links to Linkedin, Github & Email clickable
  • Include a super brief overview that includes some combo of your title/ type of role, years experience, tech stack / area of focus & location (whatever fits the setup best). Ex: 
  • Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack | Typescript) based in Ontario, Canada
  • Zoe Lewtan | Senior Frontend Engineer with 7 years experience

๐Ÿ“š Work Experience: 

Every job should be formatted like this:

Job Title | Company Name (โ€œcontext on companyโ€)            Start Date to End Date

Examples of Context: 

  • Ex: โ€œSeries C influencer payments platformโ€
  • Ex: โ€œTravel media website with 7M subscribers on Youtubeโ€


Start with 1 bullet that describes your high level contribution to the business. Scale gets extra credit here (ie platform used by thousands of Fortune 500 companies / millions of users).This helps companies get an idea of what you worked on, which explains the rest. Some Examples:

  • Developed mobile app for womenโ€™s fertility & pregnancy (10M+ users on Android & iOS). 
  • Led a team of 10 engineers to ship v1 of a SaaS platform for distributed clinical trials.
  • Took over a team improving engineering team productivity (automation, testing coverage, deployments) & led a team of 4 infrastructure engineers.   

Then ideally pick 1 of the following structural templates: 

๐Ÿ” By Features/ Parts of the Product  

  • API & Integrations:Technical Project Lead for a medium-sized project for the API team (of 10) to expand functionality on the API to improve scheduling workflows for partners. Integration used by 1000+ customers, 500k interviews scheduled in the past quarter.
  • Identity Management: implemented single-sign on for Google, Apple and Facebook social platforms across web and iOS clients utilizing federated identities in Cognito.

๐Ÿ› By Type of Engineering Work.

  • Frontend Development in React: Creating reusable React components. Using styled- components for styling. Creating a State management system based on Redux slices and supporting consistent user experience across the app.
  • Refactoring Frontend to React: from Ruby on Rails to React + TypeScript.

There are also more standard ways to do this, but try to integrate the two above wherever possible. Here are some more normal ones youโ€™ve probably seen / used:

๐Ÿ’ฅBy Role &/Or Impact

  • Drove changes to web infrastructure and deployment process for testing standards, increasing test stability and reducing runtime while increasing frequency of testing. ( 6x tests, 10x runs a week, 10%-> 90+% reliability) 
  • Created regression test suite for proxy API to ensure performance with legacy API

When possible, mention the reason you received a promotion or an increase in responsibilities

  • Promoted to SWE after successful design and automation of new partner integration onboarding and building program

For older roles, you can use even more of the context method rather than detailing your contributions. Ex: 

  • Lead project for an high-performance game engine built on WebGL, a fully integrated automated test suite, advanced asset build and optimisation tools
  • Framework powered multiple online games with revenue between $2-4 million

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