From our clients

From our clients

From our clients

From our clients

"One of the most effective ways to create a truly diverse tech company is creating a diverse hiring pipeline, and this is something that Leopard does for us extremely effectively. When 90%+ of the market overall are men, an average hire ends up fitting into those exact odds. As soon as we started using Leopard, our hiring pipeline characteristics changed dramatically and gave us a huge advantage in fostering a more balanced gender split within the company. And, of course, providing us with a bunch of wonderful and talented candidates, at such an incredible volume that we can barely keep up. Thank you, Leopard!"

Jeff Escalante, Director of Engineering

"We've enjoyed the highly communicative and flexible nature of the Leopard team as they've provided quality candidates to our pipeline including two fantastic experienced software engineering hires!"


"We engaged Leopard.FYI to fill a Senior React Developer role. They provided many excellent, qualified candidates right away. We originally had intended only a single hire for the role but because of high quality candidates we decided to open a second role so we didn't have to choose between our top 2 candidates. The process was swift and easy. If you are looking for great senior developers I highly recommend Leopard!"

Ronda Bergman, Director of Engineering

"I've worked with Leopard for a few years now, and really love what Lexi and Jordan have built for women engineers. Their processes are tight, communication is always immediate, and their coaching on how to close candidates has been so helpful."


"It was clear from the start that [co-founders] Lexi and Jordan were driven by a mission and purpose. This fact was important to me because I firmly believe in creating greater gender balance in tech. And it was clear that they would take the time to truly understand the role and the candidates we were looking for. Matching candidates to companies is much more than just a numbers game to them.

I have been impressed by how adaptable and open to feedback the folks at Leopard are, the number of great candidates they have brought me, and how enjoyable the experience has been."


"We've had a wonderful experience with the Leopard.FYI team. They are extremely communicative, flexible, and action oriented. Any time we open a role with them I know I will see qualified candidates flowing into our pipeline in the first two weeks. The team understands our start-ups ever changing needs and does an excellent job addressing any feedback or changes in strategy."


"Leopard.FYI has accelerated our connection with top female engineering talent. What is so strong about working with Leopard is that they vetted *us* asking tough questions to make sure we're a workplace that truly cares about its people and empowering women across the team. I am proud to work for a company that passed Leopard's screening process. Leopard has been proactive in calibrating to make sure they are sending the right talent and culture fits and adds our way. I am excited to continue working with Leopard to connect with more incredible engineers."


"Leopard offers access to an exclusive pool of top-tier talents not found elsewhere. Communication with the team has been exceptionally smooth and effective. The team's flexibility in adapting to our changing requirements is evident in the quality of the candidates they have presented. The hiring process has been significantly streamlined, ensuring enthusiasm from both parties. Overall, this has been our most seamless hiring experience by far. We can't recommend Leopard enough to those looking to build a strong and diverse team."

Nicole Fitzgerald, President

"The Leopard team is easy to communicate with and calibrates super quickly on requirements for roles. We are happy to have partnered with them and their community."


"Working with Leopard.FYI was an incredibly smooth experience. We went from zero to a signed offer letter in less than three weeks. Through partnering with Leopard we immediately gained access to a wealth of high quality software engineering candidates well-suited to our open roles, and over the first few weeks of partnership, Leopard reached out to hundreds more on our behalf.

If you're building out an engineering team, and are looking for a talent partner, I can't recommend Leopard.FYI strongly enough."


"Working with Leopard.FYI has been fantastic, the team are a real pleasure to work with. We’ve connected with a lot of great candidates, and made incredible hires!"


"Leopard.FYI’s approach to hiring has proven to be a great fit for us. Our partnership with them has not only connected us with a diverse network of talent, but their emphasis on supporting women engineers resonates perfectly with our company values. I appreciate how Leopard thoroughly vetted us, enhancing our confidence in the collaboration. Additionally, the communication and coordination process through Slack streamlines our workflow, making the entire experience even more seamless. We admire the company’s commitment to fostering a positive experience for women engineering talent, aiding them in discovering their next career path."


"Amazing group of recruiters - we've filled a few critical roles with them and trust them to bring in really amazing and diverse talent that isn't represented in our personal networks."


"Leopard stood out from the crowd. They've cultivated an awesome community and presented us with many impressive software engineers. Hiring for the role was a breeze. They offered a lot of hands-on help and got to know our company. 

Unlike many external recruiters, it often felt like they were an extension of our team."


"Working with Leopard was an absolute joy and resulted in great additions to our growing engineering team. From the start, Lexi, Jordan and their team were on top of every communication, candidate and concern we had. Candidates were well-vetted, our company was represented thoughtfully, and collaboration and coordination was a breeze via our shared slack channel. Will definitely be using Leopard for more in the future."

Siggy Bilstwin, Co-Founder & CTO

"The Leopard team has been amazing partner.  They were able to work with our processes and find amazing candidates. They are motivated, fast and easy to work with.  If you are looking to build a strong team with great values, I would recommend Leopard to help you find truly amazing, talented and diverse candidates."


"Leopard was a huge help as we worked to grow our team and hire top engineering talent. Admittedly, we were a little intimidated when we first came across Leopard, but their team walked us through every step of the process and helped us understand where we were falling short. The best part, though, was the sheer quality of female (trans & cis) and non-binary candidates we were able to get through Leopard's network. We started out thinking we'd only hire one candidate, but after seeing the strength of the pipeline, we ended up hiring two Leopard engineers -- and we're working on hiring a third! 

As an early stage startup, there's just no substitute for having a dedicated team around you to help you meet your recruiting goals, especially when those goals involve creating a more gender-diverse team. Leopard is the way to go."


"Our team has had a great experience working with Leopard! We are able to find many great candidates across roles on our technical teams. I am happy to continue working with the Leopard team."

Tobi WONG, Technical Recruiter

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