Inside Information for Women Engineers

We help women gather intel on company culture, compensation, gender ratios, and more.

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What We Do at Leopard

Leopard gathers information from top tech companies
to help women decide where to interview.

  • Gender Ratios

    Intel on gender ratios on the engineering team, in leadership, and company-wide

  • Compensation

    Upfront information on internal comp leveling, equity / RSUS and future earning potential

  • Benefits

    Parental leave, healthcare plans, women's health & family benefits, work/life balance, and more

  • Women on the inside

    Connect with our network of women engineers working at companies who have opted to be available for contact

  • DE&I Initiatives

    Insight into efforts companies have made to make their environments diverse, equitable, and inclusive

  • "Real" Culture Intel

    Talk to women who used to work at/interview with companies to get the unfiltered pros and cons 

Nice to Meet You

Hi! We are excited to be working on Leopard to help women engineers make fully informed decisions on where to interview and work. 

While we are starting with women engineers, we hope this can grow to be a resource for all underrepresented people in tech. Please reach out, we would love to hear from you!

  • Lexi Lewtan
    Lexi Lewtan (She/her)
    Cofounder & CEO

    First business employee & Head of Operations for AngelList. She helped scale the Talent platform from $0-20M yearly, building out Ops, Recruiting, Client Success, Sales & Marketing. 

    Prior to that she launched many new cities (NYC, DC, Austin & Atlanta) for, one of the first platforms in the engineering hiring space. Graduated from NYU.

  • Jordan Leonard
    Jordan Leonard (She/her)
    Cofounder & COO

    Was a senior client relationship manager at AngelList, working with scaling tech companies to help them grow their engineering teams. She placed engineers at top companies like Discord, IFTTT, Front, and Airtable.

    Prior to that she was an early employee at Lever helping to bring the next generation of recruiting software to market. Graduated from Duke University.