Inside Information for Women & Non-Binary Engineers

We connect women (trans & cis) and non-binary folks to vetted companies with great cultures, and help them gather intel on compensation, gender ratios, benefits, and more.

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What We Do

Leopard gathers information from top tech companies
to help women & NB folks decide where to interview

  • Gender Ratios

    Intel on gender ratios on the engineering team, in leadership, and company-wide

  • Compensation

    Upfront information on internal comp leveling, equity / RSUS and future earning potential

  • Benefits

    Parental leave, healthcare plans, women's health & family benefits, LGBTQIA+ healthcare, work/life balance, and more

  • Women on the inside

    Connect with our network of women & NB engineers working at companies who have opted to be available for contact

  • DE&I Initiatives

    Insight into efforts companies have made to make their environments diverse, equitable, and inclusive

  • "Real" Culture Intel

    Talk to engineers who used to work at/interview with companies to get the unfiltered pros and cons 

Women Recommend Leopard

  • πŸ’š "They helped me land an amazing role that had pretty much everything I was looking for."

    The Leopard team made my job search easier, more productive, and potentially months shorter than it would have been had I been doing this on my own. I’ve been telling others about them every chance I get.

    I ended up accepting an offer with a company that had pretty much everything I was looking for, with the salary that I wanted (a 44% pay increase from my previous company!) and great benefits. I’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills, make a positive impact on education, and work for a company that truly values their employees.

    Anonymous Software Engineer
  • πŸ’œ "A unique approach to recruiting"

    From the very start the of process, working with Leopard has been incredible. I love their no non-sense style of recruiting. I could tell from the beginning that their mission of helping women in tech land in companies that are wonderful and have impressive compensation packages was more than just a gimmick.

    Kourtney Reynolds, Software Engineer
  • 🧑 "Higher salary than I would have asked for myself"

    Leopard helped me to value myself at current market rate, landing me about a 17% higher salary than I would have asked for myself. 

    They vetted companies that aligned with my values, shared both public articles and private info garnered from talking with the prospective companies, helped me navigate what a healthy startup company looks like, and coached me on questions to ask in final talks as well as how to gracefully exit my old company.

    I can’t recommend Leopard enough.

    Anonymous, Senior Frontend Engineer
  • πŸ–€ "Unconditional support on my worst days"

    The Leopard team vetted my resume, connected me with a number of promising startups with healthy cultures, and gave me unconditional support on my worst days. No matter the circumstances, they'll be there for you!

    Ada Snow, Full Stack Engineer
  • ❀️ "The team took the time to really get to know me"

    During my recent job search, Lexi Lewtan, Jordan Leonard, and the team took the time to really get to know me, my strengths, career goals, and values, and introduced me to several companies that could be a strong fit. And the best thing is that it's totally free!

    Anne Mirasol, Software Engineer
  • πŸ’™ "Truly the best!"

    For any women in tech affected by the latest rounds of layoffs, I cannot recommend enough that you reach out to Lexi Lewtan and the team at Leopard.FYI! They’re truly the best!

    Emma Brillhart, Engineering Leader
  • 🧑 "Searching for a job during my recent maternity leave wasn't easy." 

    Among the looming recession and tech layoffs, the market for Software Engineers isn't the same that it was during the pandemic.

    Even though I wasn't placed by them, I want to massively thank Leopard.FYI for reaching out to me and connecting me with some very promising companies. Leopard works specifically with women in tech to match them to companies with full transparency on salary, interview process, and company culture. 

    They also provided me with encouraging words when the job search was difficult. I strongly recommend using their services if you're a woman looking for new employment.

    Jane Horton, Senior Frontend Engineer
  • πŸ’› "Invaluable"

    The guidance, support, encouragement and help in choosing the right fit that Leopard.FYI provided is invaluable. I appreciated not being judged but instead listened to and advised. Highly recommend.

    Anonymous, Senior Software Engineer
  • πŸ’œ "I didn't have to worry about vetting company culture or negotiating because Leopard did it for me"

    Leopard has been very supportive and transparent throughout my whole job searching experience. I didn't have to worry about negotiating salary, or having to vet company culture because they did all of that for me. Leopard was (still is) one of my biggest advocate since she always reminded me that I am better than I realize. 

    These are the type of recruiters we should be working with -- someone who actually works with us, and lifts us up when we are mentally exhausted and broken down from interviews.

    Serena Kei, Software Engineer
  • πŸ’š "I was returning to engineering, & trying to balance a new role with my duties as a mom."

    When I was searching for a new role, I learned of Leopard.FYI - a company created to help women find roles in tech that truly promote a culture that women want to work in. This was so important to be as someone returning to engineering after a break and trying to balance a new role with my duties as a mom.

    Lexi Lewtan (one of the founders) reviewed my offer, talked me through it, and gave me the confidence to counter so I was able to accept something I was truly happy with.

    Jaina Morgan, Software Engineer
  • πŸ–€ "Thank you Leopard!"

    The whole team at Leopard were so helpful in navigating this tech job market and had done their homework looking at my Linkedin and offering their insight and suggestions as to what roles and companies could be a good fit, before we even had our first call. 

    The private Slack channel was a great place to ask them any questions, and I found it especially helpful after I got my first job offer to use them as a resource of the salary ranges I should expect to fall in, and how to frame the negotiation process. 

    Anonymous Full Stack Software Engineer
  • πŸ’™ "I couldn't have gotten this position without their expertise and help"

    A special shout-out to the Leopard.FYI team-- I couldn't have gotten this position without their expertise and help. If you are in tech and identify as a woman, you should definitely check them out!

    Meryl Charleston, Senior Software Engineer
  • πŸ’œ "It's a very personalized experience"

    Leopard has been around for my entire job search this time! From the first video chat, they will quickly note what you need help most. For me, it's recommendations of startups with good company profile and culture to start with. They will also check in with you, and form good strategy to achieve success. I often find myself good at technical round interviews, but get lost in the team match round. This time Leopard helps me to form a good sales strategy and I finally made it!

    I would recommend any female to work with Leopard, no matter what you need for your job search this time. 

    Yuemin Li, Staff Backend Engineer
  • ❀️ "Leopard's perspective and insight gave me far more confidence than I would have had on my own."

    I was initially hesitant about working with Leopard.FYI. Many of the recruiters I'd worked with in the past seemed more interested in filling a role and cashing a commission check than in finding the right fit.

    Leopard was totally different. Lexi was friendly, honest, and transparent. She was legitimately interested in matching me with a company and role that fit my needs. Our conversations felt like real conversations -- casual and friendly, not awkward and stilted.

    I ultimately accepted a position outside of Leopard's network, but Lexi was SO HELPFUL. She helped me think through how much I should be asking for, provided insight on company benefits, and was genuinely excited for me. When it's time for me to move on, I will definitely be meeting with Lexi.

    Whitney Hahn, Lead Frontend Engineer
  • πŸ’› "The most detailed and relevant-to-my-concerns source of data I've ever come across." 

    Although I didn't end up pursuing a role in their network, I talked to Lexi about my job search and she went out of her way to share her wisdom. When I had two offers in hand that I was contemplating, she helped me think them through and prepare my negotiation strategy as well. She was incredibly empowering and I'm so I'm so grateful to have been connected to her and the Leopard.FYI community. It's an incredibly valuable resource for women to leverage when navigating the rough process of job searching.

    Melissa Sheehan, Fullstack Engineer
  • πŸ’œ "The Leopard team helped me realize the potential of an incredibly challenging job search."

    They were there with me throughout the process: from exploring companies, to evaluating their product strategies, to reasoning about equity. Finally, they helped me back myself during successful negotiation! 

    I'm now looking forward to starting my next chapter at a great company.

    Shannon McCoy, Senior Backend Engineer
  • πŸ–€ "The team at Leopard made me feel totally seen and supported in my search for a new role."

    They have been consistent allies - helpful, kind and responsive. Not only has Leopard helped pair me with companies, but they also connected me to a community of female engineers who help lift each other up during and after the search.

    Waverly Mandel, Staff Frontend Engineer

Meet Your Support Team

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    Lexi Lewtan (She/Her)
    San Francisco

    Co-Founder & CEO 

  • 1584999310911
    Jordan Leonard (She/Her)
    New York

    Co-Founder & COO

  • 1669578970494 (1)
    Carolina von Mutius (She/Her)

     Product & Ops

  • 1643831739941
    Allison McMillan (She/Her)

    Candidate Advisor 

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    Farah Abudaoud (She/Her)


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    Johanne Sotto (She/Her)

    Account Management

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    Noemi Santos (She/Her)

    Account Management

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    Shulammite Dorio (She/Her)


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    Angella Soliven (She/Her)


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    Hazel Joy Bensorto (She/Her)


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    Teodulfa Baccol (She/Her)


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    Jordan Jay San Juan (He/Him)


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    Jayr Villaflor (He/Him)


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    Chen San Juan (She/Her)


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    Jacquiline Agala (She/Her)


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    Anna Riza Briones (She/Her)


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    Arviemy Bajador (She/Her)


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    Jewell Galdo (She/Her)


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    Mary Limbaga (She/Her)


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